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Manager Tools Colleagues,

I have been offered a position with which I am quite excited about and they wanted me to start on a date which is a bit aggressive. We are still negotiating the details, but over the weekend I put together a transition plan for my current role and believe it would take 3 weeks to do that job right. I want to do this with class and integrity and I sure do not want to burn any bridges. Furthermore, this is what I want an employee to do for me.

Do you think that is unreasonable? I do not want to loose the opportunity but at the same time want to do what I believe is right. I am prepared to review the transition plan with the hiring manager if necessary.

I know there is a cast on this but wanted your thoughts.

Please share your thoughts ideas etc.



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The cast is excellent, and you should follow the recommendations therein. It takes six weeks: four to get your affairs in order, and two at the end which are the official two week notice that you give your employer.

You may be asked to leave immediately upon giving notice. That's why you take the time BEFORE you give notice to get all the performance reviews done, project plans organized, etc etc.