I just got elected to my local industry association board as a vice president. Any suggestions on how I should notate this on my resume, or if I should notate it at all? Should I notate it as an accomplishment of my current job or does it deserve a separate line unto itself?


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I don't know if anyone will agree with this or not, but I have a section at the bottom of mine that is titled "Other Relevant Experience" or something to that effect. It has actually gotten notice on interviews.

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I have a separate sheet titled Community Leadership (instead of volunteering) and Professional Development. Then you cut these main sections into sections that best represent you.

I send it as a second attachment.

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Both of the above are incorrect. If you are going to list it, it would go as a bullet under the job you had when you got it.

Each line is too precious. A separate is CLEARLY a non-starter, and a separate section takes 3 lines.