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Just wondering how often you make it to the UK for your conferences? I've failed to get my organization to approve me attending, saying I need to use their internal courses (which is convenient as we're not expanding as all new jobs go to China so they don't have the demand to run them!).

I've considered paying myself, it's a bit steep for me, but could just about afford it, but now I know I'll be travelling when you're here.

So this leads me to my Q, how often do I need to wait until you're back in the UK?



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We typically get to Europe once per year.  This will be our second year in a row in London.  While the price may seem steep, it's a much larger effort and expense for Mark and Mike to deliver a conference over seas.  I wish I could share we'll be back prior to 2011, yet at this point, it's not on the calendar.  Would you ever have the opportunity to get to the states?  We are hosting one conference per month and most are in major cities where airfare may be "reasonable."

I am sorry that your company would not see fit to fund your training.  Perhaps you can start planting the seed early for next year.


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