An old co-worker of mine who now works for a competitor e-mailed me at work about an opening at her new place.

I have just been promoted to start a new team in the department. My boss has fought long and hard to get me in this position. So I have no interest in moving anywhere in the near future.

However, in two or three years, after I get this project up and running, I probably will be ready for new challenges.

Any sample reply that would be appropriate? She sent the e-mail to me at work, so I feel a bit awkward about it. I've been approached before by some other business contacts, but it was usually verbal conversations.


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Call, don't email. Discuss the opportunity; perhaps someone else you know would be a good fit and you could facilitate a win-win situation.

Stay in never know what the future may bring.

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What John said.


I'm calling to tell you thank you for the opportunity (be careful of calling it an offer, it may not be), but I'm not interested right now. I've just gotten a new promotion (I'm a performer), my boss worked hard to help me get this (I perform on things of value and bosses like me), and I would never leave at such a time (I'm loyal and professional.) I'd be happy to recommend someone else.


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Wow! Thank you both.
It is amazing how a few seemingly simple words can subtly imply so many things.

I think I learn more than just how to handle this particular situation from your answer.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing.