How do I publicly communicate a dramatic demotion, e.g. on LinkedIn?

I've been a software development individual contributor for over 15 years, after which I've been leading software teams for a few years, including a fulfilling and successful tenure as Head Of Engineering (managing managers) in a small startup.
After that I joined as a group manager (again managing managers) in a bigger company, and due to several factors, have been demoted to an individual contributor role (the person I managed is my manager now).
As I kept strong relationships and believe I should do anything to support the team, this has not been a major problem.

The new role is actually even a junior role, as we have a career ladder and I lack the mastery in the specific technology. and need support. There is no expectation for a change any time soon.

My colleagues and friends all know about the transition.

Changing the LinkedIn title to "junior engineer" or "engineer", considering my career path until now, my achievements and my interets and aspirations feels wrong. On the other hand, it does not reflect the reality.

What would be your suggestion?

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[Thoughts from a very-high-C incoming. :-]

Well, if anyone's going to be at all interested enough to ask about it, give 'em the top of the FAQ [frequently asked questions list] ahead of time!

Note that you are actually switching professions again, this time from management to software-development.  That it happens within the context of a larger company, where using an unfamiliar technology forces you to be considered "junior" again, is worth highlighting.  A brief mention of why might be relevant, especially if it accurately reflects how this apparent "career detour" supports your professional journey.

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Depending on who is asking, and in most places I have worked, just smile at them and say something to the fact "I dont know" or preferably do not say anything at all.

Not saying anything at all is your safest bet. A quick email to your manager stating the person who is asking is not keeping the conversation professional might help in reviews.