I admit from the start i am not a person to sit on my hands and wait.  Due to my division being ourchased by an outside investor group I am now in the market for new job opportunities.  I know these days submitting a resume, I am going up against 200+ other resumes arriving at the desk of HR. 

1. Is it too pushy to follow up with the HR contacts at a company by phone one to two weeks after submitting a resume to attempt to secure an interview.  How about by email?

2. In order to try and circumnavigate the "gatekeeper" in HR I always do considerible research to obtain the name and contact information for the hiring manager.  Will I hurting my chances to get an iinterview by trying to go direct to the hiring manager, Will I being seen as being too pushy by contacting the hiring manager by phone to attempt to secure an interview.  How about contact via email?

Again i hate to sit on my hands and wait for a call back, and ibeing in a position that my job has been eliminated, the wait to never hear anything back is killing me!.