BLUF: My feedback volume has become almost nonexistent - what is the recommendation for how to effectively recommit to good practices?

I don't want to startle my folks out of left field, so I am thinking it makes sense to announce at an upcoming staff meeting that I am recommitting to delivering feedback. Do I need to apologize for not following through when I originally announced I was doing this? While I did well for a while, I have lapsed and I am not sure how to proceed.



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First, I would search the podcasts. I believe there is some info on re-introducing the trinity (although it may be limited to one on one's). Above all else, I would be honest. Perhaps you could use the feel, felt found method (another podcast).

Question though, how did it go the last time you introduced it? Was it well received? Did your directs push back or embrace it?

This may also help you guide your implementation strategy. For example, if you only did it for a week, had lots of push back and quit or if you did it for three months with no major issues at the end. If each extreme, you may alter your strategy accordingly.