How would one represent volunteer experience on their resume in the most effective manner?

I am only 24 years old and I think that the type of work that I'm doing in these volunteer environments adds a lot of credibility to the strength of my resume.

The two principle efforts that I am involved with are: Executive Services Corps, which offers non-proft management and business consulting to other non-profits in the area, and the logistical planning of a gala-fundraiser event with approximately 1,000 attendants.

Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance,


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If you did something significant in those organizations, put them in.  Better if you can measure something.  Organized 80 volunteers for major dinner fund raising dinner.  Volunteers raised X amount of money. 

If you have a couple of jobs listed (along with the respective accomplishments), I would leave a line open underneath and then put in the accomplishment from your volunteer activities.

Wendii et al, any differing opinions?