Hi MT people,

I would like to hear your suggestion.
I listened 20 times the "how to resign " podcast.
But still something is not clear..

What should I say to my boss?
I am expecting he will ask me tons of questions.. Such as: Why? Where are u going? What is your reason for leaving?

Mark said it is better not to say anything.. But how?? What should I say: I prefer not to answer?
Considering thst my employer will be contacted for the background|reference check for the new job, I don't want to burn bridges or leave a bad feeling ...

Please help me. I will appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

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I appreciate the opportunities that I have had here. This new opportunity is something that I can not pass up on. I look forward to keeping in contact with you and others here at XYZ Corp and hope that we may be able to work together again in the future. 



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In addition, thank your boss for all they did and have a couple of specifics.  This helps to conclude the conversation.  And don't feel bad repeating the same positives sentences.  Smile nicely too.  If it's possible, also mention that you are available to help and assist with the transition both before you leave and afterwards.  Get the conversation to the transition plan and back to business.

I went through the same thing and people get it.  You aren't going to say anything negative so they accept and move forward.


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thanks guys so much.. I appreciate it.. but still...
I listened the HOW TO RESIGN and MY DIRECT IS RESIGNING podcasts... and they keep saying opposite concepts...
HOW TO RESIGN: You don’t have to answer any questions from your boss.
MY DIRECT IS RESIGNING: find out the details info of the offer and new employer..

What is the point here?
I can see the situation from both point of view...

BLUF: should I say where the employer/details of my offer or could be dangerous? (I already accepted.. don't want a counter offer..)
consider the next company will do a background/reference check with the current employer (job is about Sales Manager)

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The actions are for 2 different roles.  Should you be resigning you don't answer questions about salary, compensation, etc.  If you are asked, just politely smile and say you prefer not to answer.  You can discuss the new company but be brief and explain it's a great opportunity you cannot pass up and how much you will miss working at ABC company.  Again, thank your boss and direct the conversation to the transition plan and how you will help.  Move forward.

However, if you are the manager and your direct resigns, sure the tables are turned and you should feel free to ask away.  However, don't be surprised if you direct is a follower of MT and doesn't answer, only says positive things and talks about the transition plan.  As the manager you have a duty to try and get as much information from your departing direct.

Hope this helps.


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When your direct resigns, you are asking because you want to know what changes could have influenced them to stay. Is there something wrong with your current process that may inhibit you from retaining others. 

When you resign, if you would not consider a counter, answering these questions will do no good for you and your relationship with your current (soon to be previous) employer should you ever consider coming back. 

As a manager, you always want more information than is typically given as you may see things that will influence how you move forward with a replacement if that is your goal. Once you have made the decision to leave though, you typically want to keep that relationship good as the future is opaque at best. 



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Thanks. Crystal clear..

I really appreciate it. 

You know, in these situations emotions can often bias the rational mindset.. it is nice to have such supporting people. 

Thanks again.