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Hi all,

I've gone through the interviewing series of podcasts and I have a quick question. I'm wondering when sending your resume to a recruiter/manager, which is best? Do you include the text of your resume and cover letter as part of the email body, send both parts as one or two attachments, make the email your cover letter and attach your resume? What have you found to be most effective? Managers, what is your preferred way to receive applications?


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I believe that the most applicable guidance for your question comes from the Interviewing Series cast, "How to Write a Cover Letter".  They discuss brevity in email starting at time 19:58.  Guidance about the email subject line starts at time 28:35.  Hope this helps.
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... is to receive the cover letter in the body, and the resume as a PDF attachment named after the candidate.  That makes it easy to scan quickly to see what this candidate brings to the table, and if I end up with a pile of resumes in a directory somehow, I can differentiate between them easily.  I send all my job applications that way, too (well, I used to have a plain-text resume, to highlight my uber-geeky skills... but I attached that, too) and I haven't ever had a problem with people ignoring my application.  Anecdote, though, not data.  (grin)

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Thanks for the contributions guys! I appreciate the tips and tricks.