Ok the background is that I have been introduced to a contact at a completely different company and industry than what I am currently involved via an email from a good friend of mine. Cover letter and resume have been sent to the individual and currently I have a phone call set up for early next week.

Ideally I will be able to set up a face to face meeting like lunch/coffee/dinner or going to his office. A face to face meeting seems like, and I have been told, is a much better way to really make an impact on the individual.

So how do I handle the phone call? Briefly get into why I want to contact him and how I can help him to achieve his goals. Then tell him that I would like to buy him lunch sometime soon to talk about this stuff further. That is what I am currently thinking about doing. Does this put the guy in a corner because he has to either turn me down or squeeze me in to his busy schedule. Do I have the right to make a request like that?

Is it something where it would help me to stand out in his mind and what is the worst thing that could happen? If he won't meet then I probably wouldn't get the job anyways.

Just wanted to see what the MT group thought about face to face meetings in this kind of context and the pros and cons of attempting to set one up. Should I tell him that I want to buy lunch or coffee, or say that I would like to come by his office which would be more convenient for him?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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