Just managed to listen to a podcast where a small note on 'some day we will have to do a podcast on taking notes' from the ever godly Marc. So if you wouldn't mind please could the forum stand starting at the grand knowledge that is Marc. Or in the next members sonly podcast, maybe? lol

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I think for the first time ever...that's going to happen. Sheer luck.


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I can't wait.

After you mentioned it at the conference (and I razzed you about it during WWWTALA :) ), I think about it every time I look at my notebook.


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Cant wait!

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+1 !

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Even though I think staring is generally impolite, I can join in. I also recall there was a thread on organizing information that Mark said he was going to join at some point.

Of course, now that I have agreed to join the stare down, M&M are going to come out with an MT podcast on the way to appropriately stare.

It will probably be a two-parter, broken down into 12 steps or so, with some sort exercises to differentiate and tone both the upper and lower eye lids augmented by techniques to control the size of one's pupils. :lol:


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Having asked for this very topic to be presented some months ago, all I have to say is...


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I guess I better get busy pulling it together, eh? ;-)


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Is it safe to do some pre-reading on Cornell note taking method?


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Steve -- thanks for posting the Cornell note taking link!

It's so simple, yet so effective. I wish I'd found something like this back when I was at school - I remember struggling the entire time to find a note-taking method that worked for me.

One of the links from the Wikipedia page is also helpful with designating to-dos, items to be assigned, etc. (

Still, I think I'll wait for the podcast before I change my ways. Looking forward to it!



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I've been struggling to implement the Cornell note-taking method for a little while now and found this handy application which allows you to print note-taking forms. It's not necessary but it helps me - plus when I pull this out people ask me about it and it gives me the opportunity to share with them what I've learned.


I'm anxious to hear Mike & Mark break this down to simple steps.