I don't know if any of you subscribe to the Nicholas Bate e-letter but it is fantastic.  This arrived in my inbox today.  I particularly liked #5. Oh yes, and thanks to Wendii for sharing the e-letter with me a few months ago. 1. Deprive them of sleep. 2. Tell them it's 'just for this client'. 'Just this once'. 'Really'. 3. Over-load them with caffeine. 4. Force-feed them pizzas at their screen at well past midnight. 5. Put small boxes in their pockets and on their desks which vibrate at frequent but random intervals just when they need to think. Call them 'smart' phones. 6. Insist they sit in over-heated rooms with people they don't know discussing virtual projects to which they are virtually connected and partly linked to the US team via a virtual conference system which needs an upgrade when they are virtually exhausted. 7. Tell them 'just one more thing and you will be made a team leader'.