Hi All,

As part of my MBA studies I’m taking a subject that involves a field study in Shanghai. A team of 5-7 MBA students in their second year, along with faculty advisors, work together to provide free consulting services to a company interested in doing business in China.

We are currently looking for projects and/or companies and I was wondering whether anyone has any ideas on the best way to approach the search. While I have some networks that may be useful, this would be the first time I really need to use them, and I'm not sure what is the best way to do it.

Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas or recommendations.



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Let me start off by saying welcome to the forum. The approach on finding people is going to depend on where your looking for companies (local, remote, area, country) and if you are asking for some type of reimbursement.

If it is local and it is some thing you are not looking for reimbursement on just contact some of the local business owners you know and see what they think. Your school should also have some good contacts for business in your area also.

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Thanks Brandon!

In fact will be a free project for the company. We would cover all the costs including our time and our travel expenses to Shanghai.

In terms of whether is local, we are actually not sure. Our only real requirement is that it should be a non-chinese company wanting to start or further develop its business relationship with China.

In any case, thanks for your pointers. We'll start that way and see how it goes.

If anyone else have other ideas by all means let us know what you think.



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Just like any project or segmenting a market, in the end you have to be able to execute the project and dedicate the resources.

Do an audit of your team and find out what their capabilities are. If you are heavy on HR people, I am guessing you will have a challenge doing an IT project or a marketing consult. Make sure your skills and capabilities match up with the companies you are talking to - Gee, it is almost like I have done this myself :wink: