For those that have not done so very often.

The Email that Michael sent out provided a link and great details about the actual voting and such.

BUT.. did miss one minor point that forced me to hunt down the answer.
WHAT to put into the voting boxes. ;)

Box called "Podcast Name" type: [b]Manager Tools[/b]
Box called "Podcast URL" type: [b] [/b]

http:// will show up automatically.

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I scratched my head over this one; thanks for making it easy for others.


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Dont forget this is just the nomination stage, it will be followed by the voting stage. Then we can vote every day, so I think a reminder may be in order. (CTRL+Shift+K anyone :) )

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Thanks ... perhaps if *I* had gone and voted, I would have figured this out as well. :-(

Thanks again!


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When you go to nominate, you have to do all the nominations you want to do all at once. So when you're going to nominate Manager Tools, you also have to have the URL for "The Onion Radio News" handy so you can nominate them for best Comedy, and "Skywatch" for best Technology/Science podcast. You can't just do Manager Tools and then come back and do the others later.

(No recommendations on best Mature category. :oops: )

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Even prime ministers get to vote for themselves (and I'm assuming presidents do too).

Get yourself over there and vote - it's the one you CAN count on! (And mine, you can count on mine.)



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And mine too! I already gave you one. :P

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And mine... although I do want to know why Tom Comeau is holding back on his reviews for the mature category :P


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[quote="asteriskrntt1"]... although I do want to know why Tom Comeau is holding back on his reviews for the mature category :P


The phrase "galactially stupid" springs to mind. Though the more I think about it, the less objection I have to sharing. It's probably not what M&M have in mind for the forums, though, and I respect their space.

Since MT has a "Clean" tag, I don't feel like I can nominate it in the Mature category. Though some of the eleven-and-a-half-step processes qualify for the other definition of "Explicit." :P


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Thanks all ... I'm going off to vote. Wouldn't I feel stupid if we missed the nomination by 1 vote!

Now what *was* that RSS feed URL???? ;-)