BLUF: What do you write in an "open" cover letter for friend/network to pass around, if you make one at all?

Some friends and people in my network are taking my resume to people in their companies, and hopefully to their network as well.  I've feel I've written a strong 1 page resume (Thanks M&M for all the great advice!).  My cover letters are are always tailored for specific positions I'm interested in.  And now I'm not sure what to do for the ones that others are shopping around for me.  


I see my options as:

1. A custom cover letter.  Geared towards the specific company that my network friend works at.  But this would have to be a bit ambiguous wouldn't it?  "I know your company does XXX, and I know how to do XXX.  Here's why I'm good, and I hope you have a role that fits."  What is the propper wording for that

2. A broad cover letter.  Similar to #1, but without specifics on a target company.

3. No cover letter.  If it's being shopped around by them, is that enough? My gut says No" and that I should always have a cover letter.


Thanks all!