Are there any suggestions for addressing the following situation, Or should I just remain professional and polite and not address the situation directly at all?

One of the two HR generalists is visibly holding a grudge against me. He/She is curt and sometimes ignores me when I directly say hello in the mornings or in passing. He/She will often be pointed and unproffesional until he/she sees another person in the conversation in which case she changes her demeanor noticably.


I don't know what situation inparticular his/her is holding against me, but I know that I can often be assertive and stick to my standard in terms of hiring standards.(High D)

This would not concern me greatly were it not for my worry that his/her inability to let go of a grudge will effective my ability to hire great employees. HR is the gate keepers for my interviews I don't get to see the resumes for phone screenings.

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Hi ksteiner325 

If your real motivation is to build a lasting, healthy relationship with this person then attempting to reset the relationship and even be the bigger person and apolgise for your role in whatever occurred to sour it in the first place might be a course of action you could consider.

Try these casts

Hope this helps