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Mike, Mark, and Manager Tools,

My thanks are a more than due. Between your podcasts, these forums and your presence on them, your personal dedication to improving managers everywhere, I can't thank you enough.

I work for Comcast in the Southern Division -- technical support for our high speed internet product. I had just been promoted to team lead (after totally messing up the original interview and being passed over) and wanted to do well. I *knew* this was a vital key to transitioning from 'tech' to 'leadership' well.

I found this website in October when I needed to improve our team lead meetings. I listened to the meeting podcast. I downloaded the agenda template...and I was hooked. Since then, I've turned people on to MT over and over again. The tools I have gained, the insights I've received, and the skills I've learned have been noticed and appreciated. I've had the joy of seeing people I care for and respect grow and move forward in their careers thanks to your efforts.

In January, I interviewed for three leadership positions within my company. With the keys from Mark's Kellogg interview presentation, the podcasts that are available addressing different areas of interviewing, and Mark's emails and advice, I went in with these goals: energy, energy, energy; smile; good handshakes; and to close them all. I received two offers and understand I did extremely well in the third (I accepted elsewhere before their decision was finalized). When it comes available, I will be standing in line to purchase the interview series...I KNOW the value I'll gain will be more than worth it.

Mark, knowing your number was in my pocket in Charleston renewed my conviction to close. I was blown away when you sent it in case I might 'need some encouragement'. Talking to you afterward...just incredible. Far and away beyond my expectations for someone who invests so much of his time freely to my benefit.

Thank you. Those two words aren't quite big enough to express all of my feelings on this subject, I'm hoping that my contributions on the forums, my frequent sending-of-friends-and-coworkers, and my dedication to starting O3s with my new directs will help to show it.

For everyone else, if you ever wonder if this is 'for real' is. That anyone as busy as Mark is (and I know he was working with a client that day) took time out of his week to make sure I had the tools I needed and wanted to succeed, then made himself available by phone for last minute encouragement and a great hotwash, is just amazing. It was also the final conviction that this community is one I want to be a part I want to truly contribute to.

Thank you all, for being a part of this. I look forward to many years of learning and growing with all of you.

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Way to go Julia!! Great story and great inspiration.

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Truly inspiring, I’m not managing directs yet but am already applying many of the skills in Mike and Mark's podcasts on a daily basis and regularly have breakthrough moments where I notice they have become a habit.

I'm yet to find another resource anywhere close to as good as this, I’m also yet to find two people as willing to give, share and empower others - that in itself is inspiring - you guys are very special.

I'm certain Julia's story is one shared by many others.


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Excellent story. I can confirm your claim about Mark being a very giving person. After listening to the Mentor podcast last summer I decided I would ask Mark if he would be my mentor. When he accepted I was thrilled. Mind you, I didn't know at the time what I was in for -- that's a story for another time.

I am honored to know Mark and Mike and learn all I can from them. I eagerly await each new episode so I can add their tools to my "toolbox" of management information and put it in to practice.

Like you, I have made numerous referalls to experienced, new, and prospective managers.

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Thanks folks. It really is a privilege.