Wanted to share my recent experience of changing jobs, MT-Style.

If you're wanting a BLUF, it's short: (1) Get the Interview Series, and (2) Mark and Mike are right.

But some details...

1. MT-Style Resume.

Pretty much a hit. Went to two recruiters & two companies. One company complimented it, as did one recruiter. The others were fine with it, but didn't provide feedback.

The only negative was that one job I was going for wanted to see some depth in a particular area, so the recruiter got me to call out some more detail in an email. Pretty much proving M&M's point that you want to have the longer, more detailed stuff in reserve, for the particular job.

2. Interviews.

I should say that so far in my career, once I get an interview, I get the job. So I don't want to overplay the MT part too much here.

However, what MT has done for me is seriously up the ante; rather than just getting by on strong verbal skills / thinking on feet / being personable, I'm now giving structured answers that really take the question and give it a thorough kicking.

This means I feel confident that, even if the interview doesn't have a great "vibe" going, I'm still kicking goals on the Q&A right across the board. I'm also feeling more confident with difficult questions because my method of preparing has subtly changed - by thinking about achievements not responsibilities, I've always got a good example on my mind which fits any number of questions.

Nb. One of the interviewers told me on the spot that one of the answers was the best they'd ever heard... ever. No coincidence - it was the one question I deliberately answered in the structure MT recommend. Can't want better feedback than that.

The other main piece of advice I took on board was to really crank up the energy levels - positive body language, positive verbal energy - again I think it worked very well.

3. Closing.

M&M are right, closing works. I didn't do it on either of my first round interviews (choker!), but I closed on both the second rounds, and it just plain works.

Again some clear feedback - on one job when I closed, the hiring manager went from slouching to sitting bolt upright and going for the notepad. About as subtle as being hit with a cattle-prod. On the other one, I closed the decision-maker in the room, and when the hiring manager had walked me out, he said to me "hey it was great you did that...".

4. So...

Anyway I think it's important that people following these casts get some real-world data also as to how it works in practice. For me, the answer is: it works in practice.

I've now accepted a new position, which will actually be less lucrative than my current job, but moves me into a line management role so I can really start to build my career as a manager.

MT helped inspire this decision, but more importantly, having listened to pretty much every cast there is, I feel I couldn't be better armed for the challenge of management.

Thanks Mark & Mike.

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token - Congrats! This stuff really works. I loved your description when you closed and the manager slouching than sitting straight up as is hit with a cattle prod.

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token - good of you to summarize your experiences. Very helpful, very encouraging. Nice going!

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Token, congrats! The interviewing series is amazing and even though I'm not really looking for work, I review it regularly... no sense in waiting for the power to go out before I put batteries in the flashlight!

As has been talked about here before, it has also made me a better interviewer. I have never been closed! Mark and Mike are right. The first person that closes me will have me eating out of their hands!

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Even though they warned us to listen to the casts and prepare BEFORE looking, I still hadn't done it as well as I could... and so, even though I did well, I still feel like I could have done even better.

That's the beauty of the MT casts for me, there's so many thousands of little things to do even better, every day.