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I closed an interview!!! I couldn't believe I actually did it! and it was SMOOOOTH!! they both actually leant forward towards me while I was speaking and writing notes!

Lets hope it works -- thank you notes going out in the morning.

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Well done.

"The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena..."
T. Roosevelt

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Amazing, isn't it? It's like Mark & Mike know what they're doing! ;-)

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Congratulations on standing out in the a good way. I hope the managers agree with you on what you asked them for.


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Yea, it's cool to have the interview sit up & take notes!

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Well done.


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Congratulations!  I know it took some nerve as I did it, too.  Now the good news... I am now four months into my new job!  I closed every interview in my last round and ended up with multiple offers.  Closing really works!  I wish you the best in your search!