I've been a fan of Manager Tools now since sometime in 2006. I've listened to the individual DISC podcasts about 5-10 times a piece by now. At first, I had a bit of a problem using DISC in my day to day conversations. Maybe I'm slow, but I was listening again this last week for the ??? time. It all makes sense to me now. I actually made a list of all of my leaders, peers and directs and had a very easy time pinpointing who was what and I will use it going forward. Again, maybe I'm a little slow but once the lightbulb finally went on I feel like I"m on top of the world. I paid for Premium Content to get the Interviewing Series and it was worth it from the first listen. DISC took me a little longer to get but now I'm sure I would have paid the same for it.
Thanks guys for doing what you do. In Jerry Maguire terms, "You complete me!" :p

Yes I used an emoticon.


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Ah, another disciple! :P

I'm glad to hear you understand it and can use it. I think you'll even surprise yourself at how increasingly effective your conversations will be now.

As for how "long" it took you to understand - kudos for sticking with it! I can only imagine how many people might take one or two looks at DISC (or any other tool), not get it, and give up. But you didn't. That's awesome.