Hello everyone;

I have recently been networking with some friends in another department that I am very interested in working. Well, I just got an email from the executive vice president of that company saying that he would be happy to meet with me to discuss a future position with his group.

As such, I have been listening to the interviewing podcasts and I feel that a lot of what is in the podcasts related to interviewing with other companies may work in this case, but how should I approach my first meeting with a very important network contact? Should I hone up my "questions"? Should I have a resume ready with a cover letter (although my company has policies about hiring managers taking resumes without HR involvement) in case he asks for one? Should I view this as if I were interviewing for a new position even thought it is just a networking opportunity?

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To be clear - this is not a networking opportunity. When you are talking with a VP about future employment, you are being interviewed.

You won't need a cover letter at this point - the cover letter is an introduction to you and your resume; you're already past that point. Call the VP's admin (or, if you must, send an email) and arrange to send a copy of your resume in advance. Also take a copy with you to the meeting.

As far as how to expect the meeting to go - look from his point of view. Obviously your friends have conveyed a favorable impression. There is still doubt here as to whether you have the personality, skills and temperament to succeed in his organization. He wants to know if there will be a match. I suspect there's no specific job in mind, but he is checking to see if you get the inside track on future jobs for your skill set.

My suggestion - yes, bone up on your behavioral questions, there's always room for improvement. You might ask your network about any pet peeves to make sure you don't accidentally stumble across them. Otherwise, its an interview. Be energetic, be sharp and most of all be yourself. Maybe you'll be lucky with a match.

I'll be interested to hear what suggestions others have...


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one difference here: The "introductions" part of the interview is likely to be extended. Read the WSJ, be ready to discuss your industry, etc. the exec may be trying to see if you are a 'cultural' fit.


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- Have your elevator pitch ready
- Think about the company and what value you can add
- Bring a copy of your resume to the meeting in case there is an opportunity to present it directly to the VP
- Don't forget the thank you note