Mark and Mike, thank you for your wonderful interviewing podcasts. I used your interview casts in preparation for my interview, which was less than a week away, and felt calm and collected during the entire 8-hour interview process and meeting with 18 different people. And, yes, I closed the interview and wrote individual thank you notes immediately afterward.

Today, four days after the interview, I accepted an offer for the position, at a higher starting salary than I expected and with relocation assistance to boot. Without you guys, I know I wouldn't have felt as prepared. Thank you for all that you do!

All my best,

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Woohoo! Congratulations Erica!

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Outstanding! Well done Erica.


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Well done! And thank you for the kind remarks ... we're thrilled to hear that we helped!

Congratulations again ... and good luck in your new job. I can tell you're excited!

best regards,

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Awesome news Erica! It makes me want to go out and interview and get a new job. Wait a minute, I own this business... :)

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This is [b]great News[/b]. Congratulations.

I am witnessing experiences of friends in this part of the world, who used Mike and Marks model of answering Behavioral question, closing as well as going professional on Negotiation on offer to conquer the interview summit.

What also heartening is that the methodology they suggest works in every part of the world. (People are the same wherever you go! I guess!!!).


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Congrat Erica, M&M