I've alluded to this in other posts, but I accepted an offer last night for my dream job! And I owe this in great part to the MT series (interview and otherwise) as well as to all the lovely and helpful folks on these forums.

I don't intend to brag (well, maybe a LITTLE), but I did want to post exactly HOW Manager Tools helped me get this role:

I saw an ad that looked GREAT, but totally out of my league. I mean, I KNEW a lot of that stuff, but I knew I couldn't get it. Turned out that was just post-layoff depression, so when I took it "by the numbers" and carefully tweaked my resume and built a solid cover letter that laid the relevant accomplishments on thickly, well, I got the interview.

Then at the interview, I wasn't asked ANY of the questions I'd prepared for except for "Tell me about yourself." However, the prep paid off, because I was able to inject snippets of my accomplishments in the conversation, and was well prepared to discuss how I was exceptionally well suited for the role.

During my follow-ups with my future colleagues, the same was true, and the hours I put into prep made it easy for me to take information I'd gained from each successive interview and focus in on more and more relevant skills and accomplishments. Good stuff!

I closed wildly, with everyone I talked to, from the receptionist on up. Just that statement of enthusiasm got me a promise of an offer before I left at the end of my follow-ups. I have to say, that closing advice is fantastic.

Did I mention lunch with the CEO? I ordered fish. GREAT advice!

And, by the by, I DID negotiate during my offer, but M&M's tips that it's NOT truly a negotiation helped me approach it properly. There were non-salary issues that were potential deal-killers for me. I discussed this politely, without demanding anything, and with the straightforward approach that I would be much happier about this offer if these items were changed, but that I would consider it regardless. My trust and professionalism was repaid, because they met my requests.

Last but not least, the general advice and tools I've collected from the podcast were also high points in my interviews, according to my future boss. He was impressed by my focus on measurable results with practical tools -- "I have one on ones weekly," rather than "I keep open communication with my directs." I'm also confident that these same techniques will help me to excel in my new job which is going to be a challenging test of my abilities.

Thanks everyone for the support and help! I'll be back in these forums more and more as I need to refine everything I do in order to wow my co-workers and clients in the months to come!

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Mark and Mike have posted in the past quoting a great leader: "The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena..." (T. Roosevelt)

Well done.

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Congratulations! Their stuff may work - but it's you who made it work for you :) I wish you all the best in your new role.

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Had to come out of lurking to say congratulations! That's great - and a great testimonial for the interviewing series.

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