I have had 13 interviews since March 1. My career coach (my previous company gave me this service for 3 months) has been simply amazed at how much activity and follow-up I have had over the past month. I have had my sights set on two opportunities and I received an offer from one of them yesterday.

During our conversation before the offer, the COO mentioned "once we can come to an agreement on the base salary piece, we hope that we can move forward with this relationship." I had planned on negotiating anyway but didn't expect them to open that door for me. Their initial offer gave me an $11k increase over my last position but I wasn't finished. I negotiated another $14k increase and received the ok for that about 10 minutes ago from the COO/CFO. I also have severance pay through June but I was hoping to get some golf in next week. It appears that i will be headed to the Bay area to meet the CEO and President to get the lay of the land.

The other opportunity has an interviewing timeline that can go 2 months and I am simply just not going to wait when I have something this perfect in front of me. Of all of the interviews, this position felt the best where it counts - in my gut. I couldn't have done it without the help of MT and I am thankful that I found it. Even if you aren't looking for a career change right now, BUY THE INTERVIEWING SERIES BEFORE THEY RAISE THE PRICE!

Thanks again!

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Congratulations! Your gut feeling, or intuition if you prefer, can be very powerful so its great that this role feels right to you.

I would be interested to know how you went about negotiating your compensation as that is something Mark hasn't given much guidance about. (Other than the general advice not to.)

As for the position that can take 2 months, you know what they say about a bird in the hand! I really don't understand how it can take so long to process applicants. It must surely turn some good people away.

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Yahtzee, congratulations! I just knew you were going to land a killer job!

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Way to go yahtzee!

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Nice going!

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Thanks for all of the kudos.....much appreciated.

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I'm a little slow responding, but didn't want to miss the chance to congratulate such a great contributor. Way to go man!

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yahtzee -

1) Thanks for your thread/journal on your struggle with the MT resume. As someone who's working on his resume right now, it was very enlightening.

2) Which resume did you use for the job you landed?

3) Congrats!


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connick - After hearing M/M talk about John Lucht's book (Rite of Passage at $100,000 to $1 million +), I FINALLY bought it and read it. The resume section alone is worth the price.

Try a few approaches, test them with real hiring managers for effectiveness, and revise. What I learned is that I needed to build the RIGHT resume for ME that works most effectively in MY INDUSTRY.

[i]Everybody[/i] has advice about resumes (just like everybody thinks they can tell a joke and write ad copy!). It's all well-intentioned, but it might not fit your particular circumstances and industry.

I DO think that M/M give two great principles in their resume casts, and I used them as "stars to steer by:"

[list]Information in your resume should tell WHAT YOU DID, and HOW WELL YOU DID IT.[/list:u]

[list]The objective of your resume is TO GET INTERVIEWS.[/list:u]

In those two bits, I knew how to edit what I had put in my resume, and how to evaluate it's effectiveness.


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HMac -

Thanks for the book suggestion and advice. I'll pick it up today.