TunisiaD Says:
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July 22nd, 2008 at 5:09 pm
Hello! Help please!

I have worked as Administrative Assistant for 7 years with city govt agency. Six years in the same field prior with Hospitals, private org and staffing agencies. I resign last Sept 07 because I couldn’t take it anymore with not being able to move up in the organization. I am constantly signing up for training, staying on top of my computer skills and business skills and thought if I just continue those things I would be up mobility.

It was also getting difficult to work with my former boss because he was blocking me from other positions, constantly recruiting me to fix some of his senior managers mess and they get recognitions and raises. A lot of boundaries were cross and I tried to deal with it diplomatically and be a good employee and just do my job. It just wasn’t working anymore. During my time of working there, I have tried to look for work while employed and Nothing.

I am willing to say, its me or I’m not demonstrating strongly in my interviews. My resume I have changed 25 (no exaggeration) times to reflect my abilities and accomplishments, Nothing. Some places says I am over qualified and the rest are just not biting. I don’t want to hurt myself on the bottom end with low salary, boring work.

Honestly, I’m ready to work for myself I just don’t have any capital.

I need to finish my bachelors, for sure. What am I doing wrong at this point? What are employers today looking for? and how do I explain why I left in positive light?

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What types of jobs are you trying to get? What experience do you have to qualify you for those positions?

I sense a lot of frustration from you. It's understandable - looking for work is a difficult process. If you share some specific details with the forums, I'm sure we'd be happy to help.

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Welcome. Take a deep breath. :lol: You can find help to get through this frustrating experience.

Right away, here are a few ideas for your consideration:

If you're revised it 25 times, you're well beyond the point of diminishing returns. Have it looked at by peers, friends, colleagues you trust. Consider -strongly- professional assistance with it. And the Manager-Tools service is a STEAL at $50 (There's a link on the M-T home page).

Once you have a proper resume (one that focuses on your accomplishments), you'll be able to think clearer about narrowing your search to those companies you're most likely to match well with. This is hard work - focusing and eliminating places you'd like to work, and NOT where you're not qualified to work - but in the long run, it's a huge improvement to your efforts.

[list]In the meantime, apply to jobs where you can honestly say: "I've been there. I've done that. And I've been successful." As opposed to: "That's interesting. I [i]could [/i]do that, if they'd hire me."[/list:u]
Consider purchasing the M-T interviewing series. It's the ONLY one I know that's as comprehensive and insightful.

Finally, read all the discussion threads in the Career forums here. Lots and lots of conversations, ideas, and specifics.

Glad you're part of the M-T community!


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Hi KKlogic

No more basic or traditional Administrative work. I'm done with that and its too boring.

I am interested in Executive Assistant, Executive Administrative Assistant, Office Manager for now.

I would not mind trying Management or other fields where I can transfer my skills to other opportunities.

And Yes I am frustrated.

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This is from my last revision to demonstrate what I achieved. Now I am going take it to a professional as soon as I can. Also use this site to help on my search


Progressive, take-charge professional with extensive administrative/executive support in business administration, accounting support, technology projects, research analysis and database
management. Exceptional planning and prioritizing in special projects during time sensitive deadlines. Capable of resolving problems swiftly and independently.

Associates Degree in Business Administration, Cum Laude 3.67(2004)
American Intercontinental University - Online

Contract Management Assistant, MOED (2007)
Certify Government Administrative Professional, Performance Institute (2006)
Fundamentals of Project Management Certificate, CompuMaster (2006)

Microsoft Office Professional XP, 2003 and 2007, Project XP, Visio, Adobe 8, Contract Management System, Macromedia, Dreamweaver, ADP Enterprise, QuickBooks, Fundware, HP Digital Sender, IBM Mainframe


Resourcefully coordinated and managed heavy calendar management (10-15) monthly meetings, conference calls and face-to-face appointments with internal and external clients and executives both on-site and off-site ensuring housing, catering and materials.

Supervised and organized administrative matters for staff of (25), such as preparation of payroll, travel arrangements, expense reports, event planning, staff development, and requisition of procurement.

Diligently assisted upper-level directors including senior managers with daily activities included: drafting confidential material from electronic and handwritten sources, ad hoc reports, meeting minutes, and annual performance reviews.

Coordinated, managed and tracked multiple projects to ensure deadlines are completed.

Generated query reports from financial management and contract management systems at the Assistant Director/CFO’s request.

Prepared, consolidated and managed monthly administrative and financial reports for audit and grant reporting requirements.

Reconciled open encumbrances on expenditures; prepare quarterly and monthly reports; research, analyze and execute budget line item shifts.

•Redesigned administrative processes to streamline functions, eliminated redundancies, and expedited workflow. Initiated and implemented the conversion from manual processes to a fully computerized office.

•Researched, analyzed and maintained client files; developed innovative templates and customized documents.

•Developed and implemented customize multi-user tools for improving the lifecycle of contract management.

•Trained, implemented protocols/policies, flowcharts, helpdesk user support for Contract Business processes.

•Technical editor and maintenance associate in updating documents on agency websites.

•Consulted and resolved software issues and provided user support for hardware equipment.

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Hi HMac

Thanks! Your info is very helpful to me and I am going to start incorporating this site while I am looking for a job.

If this does not turn around soon I'm ready to relocate for Maryland.

Thanks again

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[quote="TunisiaD"]This is from my last revision to demonstrate what I achieved. Now I am going take it to a professional as soon as I can. Also use this site to help on my search.[/quote]

If I may suggest: before you do anything else regarding your resume, listen to the M-T resumes casts and apply their advice.

There are two of them to listen to:

[list][i]* Your Resume Stinks!
* Resume Update 2008[/i][/list:u]


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While the book is aimed at people beyond your desired position, I highly recommend checking out John Lucht's "Rites of Passage" and its related workbook. It contains a ton of advice on how to turn some negative experiences into positive descriptions and otherwise sell yourself honestly and effectively.

Remember, that's what you're doing, selling yourself. Look at the positions you want, make a list of the skills they require, and find examples of those skills in your own experience. Don't be afraid to look at high quality achievements outside of work to fill in gaps in your skills. (e.g. volunteer, non-profit, campaign, school, church, etc.)

And check out the interviewing series. It's well worth it, and will give you an excellent game plan to get rolling.

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There's a workbook? I purchased the book - but didn't know about the workbook. Can you describe it a little? Thanks!