It is a bit of a short read, but excellent information, especially for new managers.  The format is a man who approaches a friend of his fathers for Mentoring Advice. The story progresses over 8 weeks, with the Mentor guiding the Manager through workplace challenges and lessons.  There is an "action plan" at the end of each meeting (chapter), and a recap in the following week.  At the end of the book, there is a summary of "to do's".  A very good read!

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Some of the advice is good, like making sure your team has a shared mission they can all understand, and setting the bar high.  The mentor setup was a bit hokey, and  I couldn't relate to the protagonist.  

The book's treatment of the firing of the employee with an alcohol abuse problem was a bit glib.  It served to make the point about the need to "set the bar high" for hiring and performance,  yet the deeper issue of dealing with a struggling employee missed some important things:  the need to know one's directs better, and how to handle directs whose personal issues affect the workplace.  

It was quick to read.