I recently interviewed for an internal position. I think I did well but I have concerns about the position. The hiring manager (to whom I would be reporting) seemed over-worked and even fatalistic. We ran out of interview time and I left with a lot of questions that I would need answered before I could feel confident of success.

My question is: Should I wait to see if I am offered the position and then ask for another meeting to ask these questions? Or should I reach out before then to ask the hiring manager at least some of my more pressing questions?

I also did not meet with the manager's manager, which surprised me. I feel like I need to meet with him also to get a flavor of the culture.

BTW - one of the people who interviewed me was clearly a top-quality manager who made me feel very at ease while still conducting a focused, effective interview. He is not directly related to the department but my guess is that he was asked to help out with the intervews because he is so good. If I am offered the position I feel like I would want to talk with him to get his honest take on what it would take to be successful in that postion. (I interviewed with him before the hiring manager or else I probably would have asked him that question.) What do you all think of that idea?

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There are two phases to interviewing: getting offers, and taking offers. You cannot take one you do not get, and you may not get one about which you ask "impertinent" questions.

Get the offer, and then ask both folks the questions you need answered.

Keep us posted.

And find out more about that other guy.


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Will do. Thanks, Mark.

In my thank you note to the manager I admired so much, I gave him the name of a very obscure, inexpensive but fantastic restaurant that I know of nearby where he lives (we did brush on the topic of restaurants during the interview).

I hope the head chef is in top form if/when he goes. It's a conversation starter anyway for if/when I meet him again.


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You were right Mark. I did not need to ask these questions because I did not get offered the position anyway.

Still.. I did get my resume cleaned up and I got some practice time being interviewed.

More importantly, the manager that I really admired (Rick) recently posted a job for his team. So, I gave him a call just as an excuse and we had a really nice chat. He invited me to submit my name although I really would be lucky to get that job (skip a grade - and he very correctlyand nicely pointed that out). It was sort of liberating to post for a stretch position. I felt less inhibited in the "why are you posting.." question on the on-line form. Rather than describing how qualified / technically proficient I am, I took a sort of 'visionary' approach roughly like: "[i]I'm good because I care about being good (and I am good BTW)[/i]"

Anyway - I would consider it a success even if Rick calls me in for an interview. I sure do like that guy.

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NOW you're thinking about managing your career effectively! NICE!