...and HR said, "Wait! WE make the offer! You don't do that! I can't believe you did that!" :shock: (Not really, but that's what it feels like.)

Usually I'm in my HR buddy's office every day getting coaching, but he's been out of town recruiting this week and my boss said hurry up and hire so I did. This is only my second, my first was an internal candidate and I should have realized there would be red tape.

Despite my initial desire to cry, "But nobody TOLD me!," I have to admit that I didn't do all my homework & prep before phoning the candidate. :oops: So my buddy was out of town -- he's still checking email. Or I could have asked the HR Director.

I hope this isn't a CLM (career-limiting move).

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I can't imagine it's that big of a deal. M&M suggest you make the offer and not let HR do it. The offer is going to set the tone for working with you and your team. Why should HR do it?

Hug your friend and tell him you need to make all your own offers.

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The HR director called me up to ask what was going on... he said the CEO gets bent out of shape if new positions get created without his approval. But maybe it's OK, because I only spoke to her... HR still gets to put it in writing. :roll:

I did get an email back from my buddy saying "no problems." I think he will have to straighten things out tomorrow but he doesn't seem too worried about it.

I got anxious because I felt like I might be in trouble... I HATE being in trouble... but it could be worse. Live and learn.

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It does seem as though there ought to be some process for adding headcount that involves HR before you make a job offer.

I was referring to making the offer itself. That ought to be yours alone.

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Well, I DID fill out a form & turn it in. What more do they want from me? :wink:

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LMAO - too guys crack me up :lol:

I am pretty sure the CEO approved it.... He/she just might not know it yet. I can't imagine your boss told you to hire someone without knowing whether it would be approved... I doubt this is a CLM


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I wouldn't worry too much, Terri. In my company, nothing moves without the req (in theory). In reality, I hired two people to fill a single requisition last month and it was a very solid decision backed by HR.

AND I got to make the offers :)

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Thanks everybody. (all y'all) :wink:

I had a chat with the HR director this morning and we're cool. 8)

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Yet another example of HR being proven to have less power than the scuttlebutt suggests.

Sorry this took so long.