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What do I do when I need to document needed improvements on a performance review, but 1) have not yet reached the negative feedback time in the Trinity Rollout and 2) am still within my first 90 days leading a team that I am assessing?  

I started a new position on June 1 and have to deliver annual reviews between August 30 (Day 90) and September 15 (Day 105).  


The advice for negative feedback within the Trinity Rollout is to start at about week 20.  In my case that is well after I am to have completed the annual reviews.  

Also, I don't yet have a "strong enough" feel for the performance of my new directs.  I started my current position on June 1 and annual reviews are due August 30 (meaning I am supposed to start delivering my annual reviews August 30 and be done by Sept 15).  That is about the time frame I expect of myself to have formed a thorough evaluation of my directs and how they manage their directs.  Any issues, however, are far from the coaching stage. 

I don't want the annual review to be the first time I have talked about a needed improvement with my new directs.  I would also like to give them a chance to improve before I go on record giving someone a ranking of 1 or a 2 in any particular area (we have a 3 point scale on 10 factors; 1 being bad and 3 being good).  

Help or Advice???

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There's a cast for that! (c)

One of the steps recommended by Mark and Mike is to allow *more* time to recieve input from your directs. I encourage listening to the cast. I have (personally) had to deliver annual reviews with less than three months of taking a position.