I really need some advice. My boss has a big issue. I'll use an example. My boss was working out front end, where the cigarettes were held. I came in to relieve her and she began working in the back. I found a whole carton of cigars by our tampons (near the front, 5-10 min after I got there) and I told her about it being empty and she blamed me, saying I don't watch the front close enough and they only steal when I'm at work, and that they never steal when she is there (obviously she was there for this so that's a lie) but it couldn't have happened under my watch seeing as I had just gotten there and was on the register the whole time before I found them, so I would've seen someone take them. How do I go about her disrespecting me in such a manor without being disrespectful myself?
Another thing is that we have to check dates on food items. I am the only person in the store that does check dates. Yet I'm the only one who gets in trouble because I find the spoiled product and write it off. Anytime it's the day to check anything she says, "don't worry about it, check them during recovery" which isn't possible because of time constraints and the fact that no one rotates so I have to check the first and last item on the shelf. So when I do check dates and find product has expired and I get in trouble she says I'm not doing my job when she told me not to.
The last thing I want to mention is how she will tell me to do one thing a certain way, then when I do it how she says she will go behind me and say I did it wrong and she had to redo it and when I go to check it she has moved one or two things and that's it, so I did it nearly right with a few exceptions and she says I did it completely wrong. Idk what to do about it anymore except call her boss and explain the situation, but I don't want to seem as if I'm "telling" on her

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Your boss is the boss. If you search podcasts for the word boss, you’ll find a lit of guidance on this site. The tl;dr is that you can’t fix your boss. Adapt to their desires or find a new boss and change your employment situation. 

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I am sorry to hear about this situation. To me it sounds like your boss isnt adhearing to comapny policy especially in the food expiration data department. I don't know if you have an HR department or not that you could talk to and frame it that its a safety issue??

My biggest piece of advise is to tell your boss you feel like there is a communication gap and ask how it can be fixed. Otherwise I would move on and find someone who respects you.