I tried to get my boss to approve it. Instead, he put me in for the companies ELP. Having gone through their other two year leadership program for High pots, I can tell you that I am not impressed with how HR runs training.

I also tried to get HR to approve listing MT as a resource and possibly getting Mark to speak here, they wouldn't even listen to me. They insisted that I should always be using their resources for managers and not go to outside sources for information. By the way, their resources lists, manuals, toolkits etc are terrible. A more confusing bundle of philosopy papers, I have never seen. Oh well, I tried....sighs.

cincibuckeyenut's picture

I am fighting that battle here too regarding purchasing and HR not understanding the value of an external perspective. It is disappointing, but something we continue to try and work.

jwyckoff's picture

M/M --

Sounds like these folks need assistance in selling M-Ts to their bosses/HR... I'm sure you can whip up some selling points that will slice right through the standard company rhetoric...

Anyone else game in assisting others in getting to the conference? How would you sell it?


trandell's picture

What a shame to see HR departments and managers being so narrow. I know that is more the norm than we'd like it all to be, but it is sad to see such vivid examples. Good luck selling these prehistoric control freaks.

MattJBeckwith's picture
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Ask your manager to listen to the 'casts on [url=]coaching[/url], [url=]one-on-... and [url=] feedback[/url]. If your manager brushes you off then just smile and go back to be being the best manager you can be... and keep listening to M-T... your will certainly pass your boss someday.

Karlee's picture
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As someone who works in HR …. shame on your HR department that they are not open to exploring other training opportunities and resources.

Have you tried giving them a copy of the Feedback podcast to listen to? If they are not converted to singing the praises of Manager Tools after listening to that one podcast alone I don’t think they should be in charge of leading the development of other people in your organisation.

We’ve just recently had a new HR Manager start in our organisation. She hadn’t heard of Manager Tools so to give her a brief introduction I gave her a copy of the Feedback and Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships podcasts – which she loved – of course!

We are currently reviewing our training framework and I’m submitting a recommendation that all managers and team leaders are provided with an induction package of:

* Mark’s book - when published
* A number of the books from the recommended reading list
* An MP3 player loaded with the “Management Trinity” podcasts or a CD
of the podcasts if they already have a personal MP3 player (with
Manager Tools logo and website details printed on the CD) – just to
get them started, I would prefer they take the time to explore all the
resources available on the website.
* And reimbursement for at least one years subscription to Manager Tools

Rather than spending $1,500 - $2,000 per person for a few managers to attend Frontline Management training, which doesn’t equip the participant with any useful tools to take away with, from my experience – more theory, I’d rather our organisation spend $300-500 per manager for all managers and team leaders on products which our managers are able to get instant value from as well as providing support to Mark and Mike for all the valuable work they are doing.

Another idea I have been thinking about is a Manager’s Breakfast Club where we would provide a breakfast meeting for managers to discuss specific Manager Tools topics. Managers would listen to the podcast prior to the meeting. This would provide an opportunity for them to network, discuss the podcast and have a group available to brainstorm issues they might be having. Even if your HR department does not support this maybe you can start something informally in your organisation by inviting other managers to a meeting yourself. Also inviting key executives along so they can see the value you are getting from Manager Tools and getting them onboard to persuade your HR department about future Manager Tools training.

Mike and Mark have you had any thoughts on developing Corporate Training packages for purchase? Even just a facilitor guide to assist in leading the discussions at a Breakfast Club would be something I, along with a great number of others I suspect, would be willing to purchase.

For those of us living outside the US and not easily able to attend your conference I hope you have plans in the future to take your training on the road and come to other part of the World.


PierG's picture

Don't you have a 'training budget' for your department only?? I mean a bucket of money (usually) used for specific and technical training? If yes, you can probably use it and by-pass HR.

About your boss .... if he cant understand, at least you can arrange that he (the company) pays for the days off, and you pay for the conference or vice-versa. In this way you show him how committed you are!


AManagerTool's picture

Thanks to everyone,

You gave me a few ideas to sell MT to the HR elite. Perhaps, by giving them some CD's of podcasts they may come around.

peloton's picture
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I also pushed and failed. The answer was much simpler for me, however - it was a cost issue. Squeaky-tight budgets here this year. Apparently it even required several exec levels of approval to get a few (4, I believe) lead engineers off to the top yearly semiconductor design conference (ISSCC).


Mark's picture
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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

I know that to some degree our relative newness doesn't help motivate your "approving authorities." We think over time that will become less difficult.

Again, my apologies for my absence. Good to be back.


Mark's picture
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And... for our next conference, we will make MORE available folks who know our work. We asked several former clients to provide testimonials, to great success. And the next time it will include first time attendees...


juliahhavener's picture
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I'm just glad I asked. It got my manager AND my HR director looking at MT. I won't be in attendance this time (and in fact, knew that would be the case when I asked due to timing and budgetary concerns). Next time I'll be pushing the 'sell' much harder, though!

bradleymewes's picture

Any idea on when the next conference will be? I am really kicking myself in the pants for not signing up earlier.


TomW's picture
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[quote="bradleymewes"]Any idea on when the next conference will be? I am really kicking myself in the pants for not signing up earlier.


Probably about as much as I am for spending most of my training budget already this year! (I spent a good bit of money on my staff instead of going to things myself this year) I probably could not go until 3rd or 4th quarter :-(

On the Conference page, there is a link to get on the waiting list.

Anonymous's picture

We're shooting for September in San Antonio.

It's going to be great. I can't wait!


Anonymous's picture


Congratulations on your first successful conference. I have only head tid bits here and there, but it sounds like it was an amazing couple of days. Maybe you could do a special, separate podcast, mentioning the highlights and to let the rest of us know what we really missed. Just a suggestion.


heam711220's picture

When and where in San Antonio?
Where can I get more detailed information about this conference?

Mark's picture
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San Antonio dates and location are being worked on.

We may do a cast on the first conference. I was initially against it: we try not to market, and it CERTAINLY wouldn't take the place of a weekly, which are ALWAYS about value immediately.

I'll talk to Mike.


AManagerTool's picture

Just to let you know....

I'll be at the New York conference. I just registered on my own dime.

That is how much I believe in your product.

I can't wait to meet you guys!

tcomeau's picture
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I'll be at the New York conference.

It's not on my dime, but I'll be there too. I wish I could talk my boss into coming, but I hear you're not supposed to manage up.


TomW's picture
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I'll be in NY too

jhack's picture

I very much look forward to seeing all of you there...


bffranklin's picture
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Wow... Tom, Tom, Tool, and John all in New York? I am _very_ excited to meet you all in person there!

garyslinger's picture
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[quote="AManagerTool"]Just to let you know....

I'll be at the New York conference. I just registered on my own dime.

That is how much I believe in your product.

I can't wait to meet you guys![/quote]
I went to San Antonio on my own dime. When I attended, I was a "manager without portfolio", as I put it in the Introductory Exercise.

Now, I'm back to being a Director, part of my company's management team, etc.

Coincidence? You do the math... :) It's more than worth it. I wish I could go again - bring on the 201!


HMac's picture

I'm also going to be in NY (and on my own dime). By then, hopefully not as a "a manger w/o portfolio." Looking forward to it.