Hi Folks,

I know this will sound odd! 

I'm putting together my Ideal Customer Avatar (I own a start up wedding industry business- I'm a Payroll Manager professionally and been a licensee for years. This is a new venture for me- yes timed it perfectly!

I realised as I was describing her, I was talking about a High S with some i and C traits.

I've linked up High S tendencies a desires, what others might see (and to a certain degree i & Cs).

I've captured indecisive, talking about how does it feel to you, using we, you, who and why as appropriate.

My request for help is-

Are you/were you/ do you know a high S Bride?

In the first 6 weeks of getting engaged, what feelings did you have/behaviours' you observed about the wedding planning process? Both the Good stuff and the Fears/Pressures. What kept you wake at night?

I'm a high C, married but never been a bride- so I'm sure I'm missing some valuable insights.

You don't need to be in the UK to help me with this.

Many thanks