Hoping you all can help me with a question that's been swirling for me.  I have read many topics and shownotes on the "changing jobs".   I interviewed for a position recently (phone and inperson round of interviews) and handled the salary requirements question as suggested on MT with a range I thought was fair for the position, not based on what I am making now. 

My question is this:  one thing I am curious of is how and when it is appropriate to ask questions around how that company handles performance reviews and merit increases. Having worked for a non-profit and knowing how raises work where I am which is everyone gets the same yearly cost of living increase (2%) because no manager wants to give a decent performer only 1% so a high performer can get 3%.  I am looking at working for a for-profit company and I think understanding the potential structure of how they measure perfomance and any potential bonuses would weigh into my decision to forego my current salary if I felt confident that my perfomance would be rewarded and there was an opportunity to make up that salary over time.  I understand this is not a given at any company but I feel like understanding how a company handles performance reviews and evaluations is an important part of evaluating the offer.  Knowing portential for salary increases seems important but I don't see this topic specifically discussed.  I would appreciate anyone's experience with this and how you might have handled this.  I had what seemed like a great interview last week with several people and did not ask any salary, benefit questions at that time, but I want to be prepared for dealing with an offer should it come.