Greetings from California. I am a sales professional that has been in High-Tech for about 6 years and I am loving every minute of it. Typically I was in the back-up and imaging industry selling applications that were targeted towards IT. Now, I'm currently working for a software company in San Mateo called NetSuite. They are an integrated business application that manages everything from CRM to ERP. But enough about work, let me introduce myself.

I spent a number of years in the Army and between deployments all over the world, I held sales positions in the Bay Area. After getting out of the Army I started putting my military training and experience in line with my professional life. I believe that there are many similarities between military and business processes and the need for growth.

The truth is, that business is not a static process and sales people and managers need to adapt to new environments and strategies on a regular basis or the ground will fall out from under them.

I found this podcast while researching new ideas and seeing what other professionals are doing to gain that edge. I am still catching up on many of the older casts but enjoy the refreshing ideas that your team is expressing to the masses. I just found the forum and will start digging through the posts to see what other information your members and team have to say.

Thanks for putting out this information on such a regular basis and giving an above average sales guy the edge to face battle on a daily basis. :D

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Welcome Koka! We're glad you're with us. And we agree - military background can be very beneficial.