Hi all! Thanks for reading. 


How do I roll out the trinity from the position of HR-department-of-one? 


I am on the strategic leadership team.  I love one-on-ones and want to bring them to the organization, but I don't have any direct reports.  


Has anyone been in this experience or have ideas of what they might do in this situation? 


Would I have the owner of the company meet with the department heads? Would I start O3s with my peers? with new hires? No one reports to me.  

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The (unqualified) O3 is manager with each direct.  You have no directs, so no chance for O3s.  Look at "peer O3's" (professional updates) and "project manager O3's" for potential use.

HR often has the portfolio for internal trainings.  Should any of the current or incoming managers want training, such as your peers on the strategic leadership team, why not help send them off to learn MT-O3's for themselves?  You can then knowledgeably support them as they're doing their roll-outs.  And if the organization grows such that more HR folks are needed, those trained managers can help you in turn as you learn how to have directs.