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BLUF ... Looking for advice based on experience implementing feedback, one-on-one's, and coaching in a Euro-environment. My concerns are *effectively* navigating the cultural barriers and lack of existing results-based performance feedback.

Reason ... I will be relocating to Belgium shortly to take an executive position with my company. I will be managing operations in the US and in Belgium. I have been running the US operations for the past 9 months and have implemented most of the MT basics. My successor will continue in this fashion with help from his recent experience at the MT Seminar in Dallas -- thanks M&M!

My perceptions of the challenges that lie in wait are due to the conflict-averse nature of the existing management, the lack of *any* meaningful performance feedback to managers and directs, and the willingness of accepting a foreigner -- especially an Ami -- to make needed changes.

- What advice / modifications on rollout of the 'trinity'?

- Anyone in Europe as an expat faced these challenges? Comments?

- How to make coaching stick in an environment where there are governmental restrictions on removing personnel for performance? (Mark ... start swinging at me!)

Thanks in advance,

- Dave aka xcelerator

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We reallly don't recommend any changes.  We've delivered our conferences in Holland, Germany, and the UK to members and clients from 15 Europena countries.  Manager Tools is translated into French because of its success there. 

We don't believe in - yes, you read that right - cultural differences as being important to an individually focused manager.  Pushback will come from individuals, not cultures.

So, the same rollout, same timeframes.  If you want to go slower, that's okay...we never rush anyone.  Coaching has nothing to do with termination, so the fact that you can't fire people in Europe (Of course you can, it's just harder on paper) really makes no difference.  Why wouldn't you try to improve someone even IF you KNEW you could never fire them?  Wouldn't that make you MORE LIKELY to coach?

Happy to help, glad for your associates joining us in Dallas.


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Mark ... thanks. I do believe that people have a fundamental desire to improve. Absolutely agree on the coaching points you bring up. I think the challenge will be inspiring my managers to have the same goal in their dealings with their directs. That's actually what is so intriguing about the job. I look forward to sharing the experience.

Thanks again for the excellent work you and Mike do. I see a difference in my organization as a result.

See you in Newark.

- Dave