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When employed full time by a company, is it wise to have your consulting company listed on your LinkedIn profile?

This topic harkins back to the discussion of whether to include such activities on your resume. The guidance then was *not* to include such information on your resume.

I am occasionally asked (without advertising) to serve as a consultant under a short term contract. For a variety of reasons I set up an LLC. Should I include this in my profile?

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Look at it from your employer's perspective.  Would legal and HR be OK with it if they saw it?  Would your boss?   

If not, then you shouldn't include it.  (and you should also review any company rules and employment contracts.  Many companies have very strict rules about outside endeavours.)   

John Hack

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Tom, in your case it's fine.  It depends on the employer, usually, as John has mentioned.

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At my new place of employment my new boss and HR already have some awareness. I will check our policies.