Hi all, I'm updating my partner's resume. He has been with the same organisation for over a decade (in project management), which is quite foreign to me, thus I'm struggling to figure out what I ought and ought not include. I have some additional space available (on a two-page resume, which is very acceptable/standard here in Australia - one page resumes are almost the exception)......should I include Union experience? He has plenty, as a delegate. And it offers - what I think anyway - some great skills/experience. Should I include it? Or am I better off incorporating those skills within his PM work/main employment?

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The only thing I can think to say here is... ask someone in Australia. "Union" in some countries means a very different thing than "union" in others.

In the US, it can even mean something different depending on your line of work or what state you live in!  This is in large part because unions are highly political here, and deeply entangled in government, with few if any exceptions.

In the end, with whatever you can learn from your Australian colleagues and friends, think about what he wants to say about himself.  Then look at it from the prospective employer's point of view.  Let's say they are interested enough by the resume to really read through to the end.  They've gotten through all your work experience but haven't hit the union stuff yet...what is the picture forming in their mind?  Okay, now they read the union might that picture change?  Is it the same for every employer?  What about the kind of employers he'd hate to work for vs. those you consider kind-of okay, vs. those for whom he would love to work?  You may have to get this from him, as you don't have experience in the same field.

Sorry I don't have a more direct answer.  I know just enough to know that Australia is likely quite different than my experience, 

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I'm not quite sure if you can include it as part of the resume. However, I read that Union Membership in Australia has been declining over the years.

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Verify first if Union thing is taken positively in AU. Nonetheless, dont include it. Focus on the skills and experience since these two are the most sought in job offers.