Hi fellow MT fans:

As the #2 in a smallish business, I am expected to lead, influence and deliver results through other managers within the company who don't report through me.

This has been a challenge in that the business has a culture of little to no hierarchy, the CEO has a laissez faire management style, and the managers we have on staff - all capable, engaged professionals - resist new oversight or involvement in their areas of responsibility. I think I've built good respect for my skills, work ethic, and collaboration with the team, but still face resistance.

We're also very informal in our workflow - no official "projects", so no opportunities to be a project leader, etc. 

I've been with the company one year. They've all been there longer.

As a natural high C, my task focus can get in the way of my ability to influence and persuade, which I think is more needed in this context. 

Are there resources in Manager Tools that speak more to influence? Or other resources to consider? Advice/insight?

My CEO has been clear that overall company leadership is an expectation for me, but I think he doesn't reflect that view to the rest of the team because he knows that they'll resist it. In his public dealings, he treats me exactly the same as the rest of the team, I think out of a desire to make all team members feel equally valued.

Any help appreciated.