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What structure and frequency is working for those organizing informal Manager Tools meet-ups throughout the country?

To what extent have your meetings been successful and self-sustaining?

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I've been a regular at the Atlanta meetups and can share what our group decided works for us.

We meet for dinner at 6:30 on the last Wednesday of the month. If holidays fall into that week, we move it to the next week.

[u][b]How it's arranged[/b][/u]
One member is the designated coordinator who posts the reminder on the MT forum generally by the 15th of the next month. We decide the location of next month's dinner at this month's dinner.

We meet at a different restaurant each time. But they all are located in the same general area of Atlanta. We figured out the most convenient area for each person in previous forum threads and private emails.

We meet at a variety of restaurants and call ahead for reservations (our group is usually 5-7 people). Dinner usually lasts a good 3 hours and we have to make ourselves leave.

[u][b]Structure of the meetup (or lack thereof)[/b][/u]
We've been meeting since February/March of 2007 and have never had any formal written agenda. As we've gotten to know each other, the conversation just flows. Personally, I come to our meetups with 3-4 questions on my mind (relating to applying MT to my life) or comments on recent casts, forum and blog posts. I've noticed others do too. There is rarely a break in the conversation as we are all involved. It's a group that I'm proud to be a part of and look forward to meeting with each month.

[u][b]How we got started[/b][/u]
Our group started as a result of Mike and Mark's visit to Atlanta in early 2007. They treated a group of 10-15 MT members to dinner. At the end of the event everyone was exchanging business cards as usual and one person mentioned meeting quarterly or monthly to keep in touch. Others liked the idea and in the next few days the email trail had established the date/time/location of the 1st meetup. At the 1st meetup the group decided on the frequency and other details for future meetups.

[u][b]Good thread for reference, particularly the meeting summary by US41.:[/b][/u] [url]

I wish you the best in establishing your own local meetup group. Connecting with fellow MTers in the forums and real life has tremendously enhanced my professional and personal life. And if you're ever in Atlanta, I invite you to join us at our next meetup!


p.s. I just noticed that I joined only 3 days after you. I have some catching up to do regarding post counts! :)

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Thank you kimmer for an outstanding post and outline of your meetings!