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When hiring for a position, I always phone all the unsuccessful applicants to let them know that another applicant was selected for the position.  Recently, an unsuccessful applicant voiced his frustration that when I couldn't reach him directly, I instead left a voicemail message about my decision.

I'd like to know the community's thoughts on whether voicemail messages about unsuccessful applications are appropriate.  Should I have instead left a message for a callback?  I typically try to advance the conversation with voicemail messages as Mark and Mike's advice.



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I think you did the right thing by leaving a voicemail message. If an unsuccessful applicant voiced his frustration to me, that would have reinforced my decision not to hire that person.

- BJ

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Mark says it's okay to turn down a candidate in a voicemail (although not by email):

Along w/ BJ's comment, even if you had spoken directly, do you think the candidate would not have been disappointed just because you told him in person?


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I appreciate your thoughts.  It's good to know I'm not too far out in right field.


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The only time I wouldn't leave a voicemail is if I'm not sure that I've reached the right person. If there's no message which says 'You've reached so and so', I usually leave a cagey message.. just in case I've got the wrong number. You wouldn't want to have got one number wrong and called someone's boss!


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Good for you no matter how you do it!

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...or something like that.  On behalf of interviewees everywhere, THANK YOU for taking the time to inform candidates of your decision.  Using my recent experience as a guide, you're in a teeny tiny minority.

Good for you!

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It's been my experience that good news comes by phone, bad news comes by email (if at all). I can't tell you how many hiring managers have failed to inform me of a negative decision; they just left me hanging.  No one has ever phoned me to tell me that I didn't get the job. As far as I am concerned, even trying to reach the person by phone puts you ahead of 99% of the hiring managers out there. Good for you!