Can you please give me advise on whether or not to change my job or what factors to look at? Thanks.
Some additional Information:
One job is safe, comfortable and okay. The other one is way riskier (since the company is laying people of right now), is more of a hassle due to travel and commute but includes more demanding/interesting responsibilities.

Both jobs are in the same industry and I have great network/goodwill at both companies. I am 29, single and have no family.

I decided to change jobs about a year ago. My favorite company has been laying people of at that time. Even though management wanted to offer me a job, their workers council vetoed because of the layoffs. Therefore, I joined another company. It took the first company a year to get the approval from their workers council and they offered me recently.

My current job is okay in a growing company and I can walk to work but there are less opportunities and I would prefer to live in a much bigger city. 

The job offered to me is more interesting in a much bigger company. But the offered job is would require me to move to a similar-sized city, commute (about 60 minutes) and also to travel to headquarters every other week. Most likely I would be able to work at headquarters and live in that city after 1-2 years. I would love that. 
Thanks for any input. 

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It kinda sounds like you've made your decision - in your note, you've focussed more strongly on the positives of moving and not of staying.

I can't offer you any guidance, I don't know your particulars.  All I would say if increased risk/reward appeals then go for the bigger risk.  At age 29 with no dependents - there's probably not much that can go wrong that you can't recover from.

Good luck