For those applying for UK jobs with a 2 page CV has anybody formed a definite opinion on the evergreen subject of putting your interest on your CV.

I have read 3 different schools of thought on this subject:

1) Yes put interests on because it can show a lot about you personally and can give a talking point with an interviewer on some topics.

2) Only use interests that relate to your job so it adds more relevant detail just like talking about personal skills that can relate to your job.

3) No because what you do out of work is irelevant so long as you are law abiding etc.

At the moment i am in favour of choice 1  but i am slowly moving towards choice 3.

I would welcome experiences and views of anypne applying for jobs in the UK.


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Here's a fourth possibility, beyond yes, no, or what to put in it.

Write it out first and then decide if it's something you want to add.

For example, if your interests are keeping tropical fish, reading, and needlepoint, that might not be a great CV enhancement for a job as a bouncer at a bar. On the other hand, if you're into playing rugby, competing in mixed martial arts, and being an instructor for self-defense classes, that might be something you'd want to add.

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Thx. So i suppose when reasearching a prospecive employer. it is all in how you see the company. I suppose as a bouncer , if the club has a neddlepoint group then it may be of interest. But obviously not if their only outlet is  lager and rugby.


Thx again