Hi! My boss quit recently and I'm applying for his job. I have my interview on Thursday (today is Tuesday). The direction who is the hiring manager has not worked directly with me before, and I believe has some perceptions of me which may be negative. Luckily people who work with me directly do not have these perceptions. Do I need to deal with this in my interview? Thanks! Heidi

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Hi Heidi

You should definitely be prepard for it and you should not outright deny it.  I would suggest that you can use it to your advantage if you build a response to 'what's your greatest weakness?' around this perception.  Something like...

'Sometimes, when I'm not careful, I have a tendancy to do XXX and YYY.  This has, at times, led some people to think ZZZ about me.  What I've been doing to overcome this is A, B and C....'

Hope that helps.

Kind regards