Hi everyone,

I'm in a challenging situation, and would like to hear the thoughts of this community. The question is: Should I stay or should I go? 

Will be long to give you a context.

I'm working as a Sr. Manager in Technology at a Fortune 500 company in the energy sector. I've been at this company for 3 years, and have been promoted once over the years. 

I'm in Central-Eastern Europe (EU), I'm making around $65-70k annually before taxes. My salary has increased a total of 25% over 3 years (including a promotion). It's likely that I'll get promoted again this year. I can probably have a good career at this firm, but I could get more money elsewhere, considering the IT industry is rocketing up. (25% over 3 years, while my responsibilities have doubled is not that much.)

My personal and family goal is to get out of my country due to several reasons - I'd not bore you all with the details. Last year, I started to talk with my manager that I'm interested in an internal transfer to the US, to our headquarter office. He was supportive, and in kicked-off the process. End of last year I got confirmation of the transfer and they said the process will start in January 2022. When I've followed up on it this year, they have stated that my transfer process won't start by an indefinite time, due to COVID. This is an internal corporate decision, not a US governmental restriction.

So, here I am currently, with my question: Should I stay and wait for the transfer or start looking elsewhere, out of my country?

A) Staying & waiting for the transfer


  • US transfer might happen

  • great career growth internally

  • salary will somewhat increase


  • promis of transfer is a "carrot on a stick"

  • below market salary

  • fear of missing out other exciting opportunities (e.g. working for FAANG)

B) Looking for elsewhere


  • salary increases more

  • option to work for a different industry, a core tech driven company (big tech or a seeded startup)

  • can align my career, look for a role that suit me better


  • moving to a new country and switching jobs can be a challenge for the family

  • losing the US option

  • have to prove my worth from start at a new place

C) Else?

What do you all think? And thank you for reading it.