I've applied and been green-lit for a position X with another group within my mid-size public company.  I understand that it is not a formal offer, but I have been told by the head of the new organization and truly believe that I am the selected candidate for the position.  The next step is a formal meeting and sign-off with our CEO, which is common practice for this role within the new group.  I expect this to occur early next week.

To complicate matters the head of my current organization, three levels above, has reached out to me in an effort to have me work for him directly.  Position Y is the same sort of role as X, but in an organization that I am a proven leader in.

I am not inclined to take Y as the team surrounding X is the sort of group that I see myself growing into, but I'm concerned that X may see this transition as a lateral move with a potential salary offer significantly below the number that the internal recruiter provided at the beginning of the process.

Travel, and running a company have delayed my meeting with the CEO, but my worry is that once I meet him for role X which he is highly invested in, my negotiating or declining outright will be political suicide.

Should I push for an offer for X contingent on CEO sign-off?  Any guidance is greatly appreciated.  I've been listening and reading here for years, and know that this group is a great sounding board.  I'm happy to provide any more details if helpful.



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I ended up going back through many of the podcasts, and ended up declining the counter offer before the new offer was made.  It was important that I not drag things out or appear to be playing one side off the other, and I think it helped show my character and intent.  I accepted the offer from the new group and start later this month.

The one area of my concern that did come true though was the internal salary bump not being in alignment with the recruiters range.  When the time came for the offer letter the salary came in at a 10% increase when the recruiter was at 25-30%.  I knew this would raise eyebrows within HR and with the hiring manager, but it was unfortunately the cost of maintaining internal good will and moving to a team where I saw the best long-term growth potential.

Thank you to the MT team, and the forum members for fantastic information and guidance,