Should a candidate go to an internal interview with a roadmap of how they will tackle the new role if hired?

If yes, is there a podcast / are there any formal steps to prepare?


Two of my friends applied for an internal promotion (VP1 to VP2) at a fortune 100 company.

The candidate selected went with a roadmap of current organziational / departmental challenges and her strategy to address those.

The other did not.

They both are very successful and have their pros and cons. Was the roadmap powerpoint the tie-breaker? Is this a current trend,  general expectaion or a one-off anamoly? 

Thank you.





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I think it's a natural follow-up to "why are you right for this role?". All-else equal, I find the candidate who has prepared a (feasible) strategy ahead of time less risky.


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I agree that this probably did go a long way towards why this candidate was selected.

It also depends on whether the other candidate had done such preparation, but did not take along a presentation to the interview.

If both candidates had prepared such a thing, one on powerpoint and one memorised, then I would say that the outcome of the interview would be more around the details of the plan and how that fitted in with the view that the recruiting manager had for the organisation/department. So it is possible that the unsuccessful candidate's view of the future just didn't fit as well with the recruiting manager, assuming they were prepared to answer questions about challenges & development in as much detail as the one with the powerpoint.

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 I prepared a roadmap for an interview, and I ended up getting the job.  The hiring manager said it was very clear that I already knew how to do the job, and what needed to be done, and that I'd be able to hit the ground running.  As far as behavioral interviewing, if you're able to describe exactly how (in concrete actionable steps) you'd go about doing the daily work, it certainly is a great way to show the behavioral evidence.