Hello everybody.

I would like your opininion on ways to contact recruiters in foreign country. (It is somewhat different to establish a relationship with few thousands km in between.)

Currently, I'm considering moving to English speaking country (probably Ireland or UK) from mainland Europe.

I'm working in pharma, as quality auditor. Would it be better to contact the companies directly?

If someone has any experience, it would be great if you can share.


P.S. Since this is my first post here, I'll take the opportunity and thank Mark and Michael for great content and compliment on the work they are doing. Thanks guys


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3 or 4 years back I had the craze to move out of India and searched the global job sites in the web and whenever there was a position that suited my profile, [b]I had never hesitated to pick up the phone and call the international recruiter and take the way forward.[/b]

There is nothing like voice contact. Yes couple of offers materialized ( as job offer) but personal factors pulled it aside when I thought deep.

Now, No way, the way India is growing, I am glad I didn't move out.(More so with the greenback crashing 25% in a year) to miss the fun here.


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I agree with Karthik.

If you speak well, nothing beats a voice contact. I realize this can be expensive but if you can access discount calling cards or VoIP, you can really control your expenses.

Of course, having someone refer you to a recruiter directly is also very powerful. Good luck.


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Nothing like a voice contact. Of course the caution is not to make a nuisance of yourself due to time zone difference and recruiter being busy and culture fit.

I think a good way is to send an introductory email (after the job search that fits your profile) with the Captive subject line and follow up with call so that the recruiter can connect you.

Yes, The price of international calls have crashed in India.(from 3$ a min to 20 cents on non discountable rates in 5 years) As Mark mentioned in one podcast, Quote "We use to make long distance calls only when someone died" unquote, Now, its no deal to lift the receiver and make the call to any part of the world. Thanks to technology.


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Contact a recruiter in the location you want to move to. Locality STILL matters.


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Thanks you all for your replies. Very helpful.

Karthik, I've just returned recently from India. It was a short trip, but I find it to be very enjoyable.

Thing that struck me, was that Indians use smiles as way of communication much more than I've seen anywhere else. Mark would love it...

Thanks again