I recently interviewed for a engineering manager position with a Fortune 5 company. In my last isession with the General Manager, I was asked "What would be a reason for you not to take this job?" I was surprised by the question and blurted out that I need extra help with relocation. He probed and did offer to help out, if necesary.

Looking back, my answer probably was the Kiss of Death ! I will be a week tomorrow and I haven't heard anything yet..

Chalk one up to my stupidity and move on ??

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I'm not an expert on the sales process but remember part of the interviewer's/hiring manager's job is to [b]sell[/b] you the company and position as much as it is to find a reason not to hire you.

The sales process typically, as I recall, usually involves understanding what, if any, barriers there are to the buyer saying yes. What he asked, in my estimation is no different. If it's a fortune 5 company, relocation would be a very normal thing and I'm guessing he's happy to know what a blocker for you might be.

Yes there might have been a lesser thing to note, but better he knows now than you having to try and negotiate (MT wisdom is that negotiation doesn't work) later in the process.

Don't sweat it. Keep following up until you get and answer!

Good luck,

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it's a STUPID question, but I don't think your answer is all that bad, really.

Let it go.